House cleaning servicesCleaners Barking is one of the most famous names among the London cleaning companies. We offer the best house cleaning services that keep up with the highest standards. Our services have a flexible time schedule and you can easily fit them into your schedule. If you are tired of having to clean your house on your own and instead wish to spend time with your family or friends, then let us do this job for you.

Domestic Cleaning Services

Regular Cleaning £19/h
Weekly Cleaning £19/h
Monthly Cleaning £20/h
One Off Cleaning £20/h

As we mentioned earlier, the work hours of our cleaners are flexible so you can order a cleaner to come to your property on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. If you want you can also order an occasional visit if needed. Many people use our services when they are about to move in/out or need to prepare their house for a party. You can leave clear instructions if you want our cleaners to clean a specific area or item. We assure you that all of our employees are 100% trustworthy and fully insured.

Each one of them has gone through a series of interviews and a thorough background check – this is to guarantee that they are reliable and can perform the domestic cleaning assignments.

We won’t let an untrustworthy or inexperienced cleaner in your house. Most of our customers prefer to have their home cleaned while they are not there – if you prefer this option, just drop your keys and our agency and we will send a cleaning team at the desired time and date. If you have ordered regular cleaning services and need to go on a holiday or will be out of the town for long – inform us in advance so that we’ll know not to send our team. In case the cleaner appointed to your house is sick or on a holiday, we will arrange a temporary replacement.

The prices of our services depend entirely on your house. We take in account everything – number of rooms, size of the property, frequency of the visits and the budget which you have. Give us this information for your place and we will offer you the service, number of workers and frequency of visits that suits you the most. Our most important goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers and this is why we co-operate with them in order to be sure that their home will be perfectly cleaned.

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